Nancy, France
Palermo, Italy

+33 6 21 183 020
+39 320 53 44 467

Flavio Vicari Advertising technician and creative
Consulting, Web Designer (WordPress Specialist), SEO Specialist, Graphic Designer

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First: “Know yourself”
Second: “Make your demon according to measure”
These are the fundamental rules that Plato attributes to the oracle of Delphi for the attainment of happiness. Of this ancient wisdom I have shaped my professional training.

Since childhood I was attracted by the musicality of advertising slogans that resonated in me like magic formulas and that I often repeated as a mantra. In my early adolescence I was given a camera and I discovered the fascination of shooting, the ability to capture the essence of the subject in the fleeting moment. Photography has been my youthful passion.

When it came time to choose the branch of study in high school, I had no doubt, I attended the school of advertising graphics where I got my high school diploma in 2002. After graduation I attended private lessons for the creation of websites. Since then I started working in the field of web for third parties and I have never stopped to study in deep my self-taught subject matter.

Today I can boast a long experience as graphic designer and web designer, WordPress and SEO specialist, in design, publishing, photography, printing, and individual training, in consulting for corporate agencies and professionals.

I love my job because it always allows me to do something new and creative, in contact with a wide range of professional categories, so I do it with passion, dedication and satisfaction.